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Posted 9th October 2018 by Mitch Brown

At The Bridge Digital, our choice of CMS’s depends as always on the task in hand. One such task relates to the ability to use CMS to create a platform for multiple sites similar in style, such as a network of dealerships, franchises or affiliates that require a shared branding and UX experience and potential shared content management facilities.

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Posted 25th June 2018 by Lawrence McCrossen

Here we describe the benefits of our product Seymour, but also help you understand the things you can use it for by clarifying where it fits in.

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Posted 15th June 2018 by Lawrence McCrossen

At The Bridge, we mainly build complex websites. By that I mean:

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Posted 25th May 2018 by Lawrence McCrossen

Seymour is our platform for automating your data collection and publication process. It can be integrated into an existing website, or as we will suggest here, it can become the core of your new website, and remove the need to develop the most complex part of the project.

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Posted 30th April 2018 by Lawrence McCrossen

As websites become an increasingly core part of business, not only are the potential damages from hacking, malware etc more serious, but they are becoming more likely. As the number of different types of attacks and the frequency of occurrence increases, we need to stay ever more alert to the danger.

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Posted 27th March 2018 by Lawrence McCrossen
Posted 20th March 2018 by Lawrence McCrossen

Of course we all want our browsing experience involve fast response times, but how do we manage performance when designing a website?

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Posted 14th March 2018 by Lawrence McCrossen

Many of our clients have heard of Agile for software development, but some are confused as to what it is. They know it involves building software in stages, which is normally I good idea, but that’s hardly makes it a distinctive approach.

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Posted 19th February 2018 by Lawrence McCrossen
Posted 15th December 2017 by Lawrence McCrossen
Posted 19th April 2017 by Lawrence McCrossen

Planning Adjustments not carried out on an ongoing basis

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Posted 12th April 2017 by Lawrence McCrossen

Part 2 – Estimates and Resources

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Posted 11th April 2017 by Lawrence McCrossen

Part 1: Content and Stakeholders

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Posted 06-03-2017 by Mitch Brown

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Drupal at the Bridge. After an epically long development time, Drupal 8.0 was finally released in November 2015, representing a big shift in how the content management system works under the hood and the way developers must work with it. A little over a year on, we’ve launched several brand-new websites with Drupal 8 as the back-end. So, what do we think? Answers below…

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Posted 23-02-2017 by Mitch Brown

The first in a regular series spotlighting exciting libraries and frameworks that find a place in the Bridge Digital’s web development toolkit...

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Posted 01-02-2017 by Mitch Brown
Posted 25th January 2017 by Lawrence McCrossen

You want to build software for your portfolio/risk management, compliance, market making or perhaps investment/operations reconciliation. So you design, plan, build and you’re done, just like building a house, right? 

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Posted 23rd December 2016 by Lawrence McCrossen

You may have heard about it over the past few years. Launch is planned for the second half of 2017 and interest is certainly heightened. 

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Posted 20th November 2016 by Lawrence McCrossen
Posted 20th October 2016 by Lawrence McCrossen

You’ve decided you need a system developed, or perhaps a new website.

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Posted 23rd September 2016 by Lawrence McCrossen
Posted 1st August 2016 by Lawrence McCrossen

When the subject arises with our clients, the issues are the same for both large and small organisations.

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Posted 21st March 2016 by Lawrence McCrossen

How do you specify a system for a software development project? In the majority of cases clients do not have a detailed set of documents describing the system that they’d like to build. Hence we are often asked how this can be done, and whether a standard way of doing this exists.

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Posted 19-10-2015 by Mitch Brown

This is the first in a series of posts discussing the various technologies and techniques we make use of at here at the Bridge for client projects.

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Posted 20th August 2016 by Lawrence McCrossen
Posted 22nd June 2015 by Lawrence McCrossen

Part 3: Hosting

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Posted 14th May 2015 by Lawrence McCrossen

Part 2: Bespoke Design or Template Driven

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Posted 23rd March 2015 by Mitch Brown

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past five years, you are no doubt aware of the importance of considering mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets when developing a website. It is frustrating trying to view a website on a mobile device that may be difficult to read or navigate, or worse yet, not work at all. As these devices have become a ubiquitous part of everyday browsing habits, we have come to expect that when we visit a website on our iPhone or Android tablet, that it will simply work.

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Posted 21st February 2015 by Lawrence McCrossen

Part 1: The Content Management System (CMS)

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Posted 20th December 2014 by Lawrence McCrossen

Welcome to ‘The Bridge Digital Solutions’ blog!

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