ViewMyCodes Website Development

The brief
The View My Codes website is a new site which The Bridge built from the ground up, based on graphical pages provided by the client’s designer.

View My Codes is a high volume, video intensive, global product which allows Channel owners to customise their own pages for events such as sport, business, entertainment and many other categories. They can also add their own advertising and sponsorship material.

The key parts of the brief involved:

The Solution
The Bridge worked closely with the client’s designer to ensure the optimum implementation of the site’s graphical design.

A number of options were carefully considered for the underlying infrastructure, with Amazon Web Services (AWS) chosen for its flexibility, scalability and global reach.

We worked closely with the client to ensure the development was in line with the vision for the business. A long and extensive beta test phase involving many different test users provided us with sufficient feedback to refine the site’s many features.

The Result
The resulting site is robust, easy to use, and scales easily as the number of Channels and Events has grown.

The video tagging used for front end searching enables large collections of video files from the client’s sports video products to be uploaded by Channel owners, and easily viewed within Events.

Google based Event visitor tracking allows Channel owners to see which Events are popular and hence customise their advertising and sponsorships.

Given the flexibility and complexity of the site, a standard CMS could not be used as the basis for the site. Development was carried out using PHP and a MySQL database.

Amazon Web Services EC2 and S3 storage were utilised for database and video file storage respectively.

We also made extensive use of the AWS Elastic Transcoder service to convert the many types of video upload to a format suitable for the HTML5 player on the front-end.