IML Investment Managment System Development

The Brief
In 2003 IML was looking to grow its funds under management and staff numbers. A small portfolio management system had been developed in-house, but in order to improve the functionality of the system and guarantee ongoing support, we were hired on a retainer arrangement to further develop and support the system.

The Solution
The Investment Management System (IMS) was built in an ‘agile ‘ fashion, over several years. As always, close collaboration with the business and regular feedback has been crucial to the success of the relationship. Enhanced or new modules in the system were developed in response to business needs as they arose.

The IMS is the core system for a number of critical functions:

The Result
IML has grown its business and staff numbers, and integrated with another funds management business. The IMS is the core system used for its day-to-day trading operations and continues to evolve.

The system has been developed in Microsoft .Net, using a SQL Server database.